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  • Cigarettes History

    Cigarettes are tobacco products that are created by curing the tobacco, then cutting it into fine pieces. Cigarettes were invented sometime during the 18th century, and only became well known in the English speaking world when British soldiers emulated the Ottoman Turks, who rolled their tobacco in newsprint, during the Crimean War.


    Cheap Discount Level cigarettes

    Have you ever tasted cigarettes that of highest level? If do, when that for sure were Level cigarettes. It's amazing flavor of blended tobacco that is completed with special aromatic and tasteful additives creates a smoking product that can be located to best altitude. This premium cigarette is property of Gallaher LTD. It's famous and one of greatest tobacco producer that registered booming sales on cigarettes markets of United Kingdom, Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Gallaher Group is a major British based multinational and millionaire tobacco company. In it's smoking portfolio belong such great cigarette brands as Benson & Hedges, Silk Cut, Mayfair, Old Holborn, Amber Leaf and Hamlet Cigars. And of course Level cigarettes, brand that becomes one of most requested smoking product on European tobacco markets. Level cigarettes embodies entirely it's cigarette brand name. Taste that celebrated every smoker is full of richness and mellowness. Along with it's essence it's design is an inspiration for men: it suggests power, solemnity and energy. Prevalence of blue color on pack depicts mankind, detail that makes this tobacco product different. Level cigarettes brand is available on our online cigarette store at most discounted price, things that doesn�t affect it's cigarettes quality. Due to our purposed cheap cost for outstanding Level cigarettes, it made it accessible to different smokers. Level cigarettes can be ordered into two variations: Level Full Flavor and Level Lights. Level Full Flavor, as it's name suggests, own tobacco taste that was prepared according to special technologies in order to preserve fragrant taste of cigarette. Level Lights hold scent of a more refined sensation that is based on special filter and tobacco components. If you are smoker that desire cigarettes that will express you will and you inner nature, then Level cigarette brand is for you.

    Level Cigarettes

    Level Full Flavor

    price per carton: $10.29

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit


    Level Lights

    price per carton: $10.29

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit



    Level cigarette

    Gallagher Group, second largest tobacco company from Great Britain, was focused on creating new cigarette brands that will be new not only in name, but also in its smoking taste. In order to accomplish this objectives, it was required original brands and technologies of preparation that cigarettes.

    One of most successful experiment in this field was Level tobacco. In creating this brand company was focused on cigarette that will be of best level in everything: quality and price. And so was bring into the world of tobacco smoking product Level.

    This brand was purposed for sale on international markets of Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, etc. Success that illustrated trade of Level cigarettes was its mellow taste and price that was accessible for almost all level of smokers from all states didn’t matter of level of development or demography.

    As its tobacco brand name suggest, this cigarette was categorized as of preeminent rank because it was experienced by veteran and young adult generations of smokers, and its passed exam of advantageous.

    Level cigs can be qualified as male tobacco product, because of its mellow flavor that is also accompanied by special filter. It is produced in king size and are 20 pieces in each pack. Dark blue color for cigarettes is allusion of male product.

    As tastes differ, Gallagher had transpired Level brand’ quality in two varieties: Level Full Flavor and Level Light. Level Full Flavor is for smokers that don’t like to feel taste of chemical additions that are integrated in order to change initial taste of blended tobacco.

    Fragrance of Level Full Flavor is rich and in same time original and lucid in taste. For a more fine taste, Gallagher Group created lights variant of Level brand. Experiencing this smoking variety it can be sustained that it is mixture of premium tobacco components that own a fine and delicate fragrance.

    Cheap worth and premium quality are offered not only by Gallagher Group, but also by our internet shop. Offered Level cigarette brands are at lowest price that else can be founded on any tobacco store.


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