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  • Cigarettes History

    Cigarettes are tobacco products that are created by curing the tobacco, then cutting it into fine pieces. Cigarettes were invented sometime during the 18th century, and only became well known in the English speaking world when British soldiers emulated the Ottoman Turks, who rolled their tobacco in newsprint, during the Crimean War.


    Cheap Discount L&M cigarettes

    L&M cigarettes are made of American Blend. The history of L&M is more then one century, that is why the smokers prefer these cigarettes, the taste of which is too familiar to them. Moreover, the price of L&M is too fair. L&M cigarettes are sold in more than 60 countries.

    L&M Cigarettes

    L&M Red Lable

    price per carton: $24.99

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit


    L&M Blue Lable

    price per carton: $33.99

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit


    L&M Silver Lable

    price per carton: $33.99

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit


    L & M

    price per carton: $33.99

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit



    L&M cigarettes are for those who know how a real cigarette should taste. Reach flour, mellow and distinctively smooth taste brings real pleasure. Moderate price for good quality tobacco closes the discussion. L&M cigarettes are well known all over the world due to good adv program and fine quality of this product.

    This brand was presented in 1876 by "Liggett and Meyers" Tobacco company and first was sold as plugged chewing tobacco. The name for this brand took its origin from abbreviation of companys founders first letters. Now L&M brand belongs to "Philip Morris Co." and manufactured in the USA and Europe.

    The logo for L&M was created in 1919. Two lions holding shield with royal crown on the top of it can be seen on any pack of “Philip Morris” goods. In the center of the shield 2 letters LM can be seen. It is some kind of contribution for brands founders. In 1920s the most common form for tobacco selling became cigarette and L&M was the first brand to present two new sizes: Regular and Kings.

    Nowadays L&M is available in the following variety: L&M, L&M Lights, L&M Super Lights, L&M GRI, L&M BLUE, L&M Tune Slims, L&M Vibe Slims, L&M Silver Lable and packed in 10, 20, 25 cigarettes packs.

    Our online cigarettes shop offers this brand for only $9.50 per cartoon (200 cigarettes).


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