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  • Cigarettes History

    Cigarettes are tobacco products that are created by curing the tobacco, then cutting it into fine pieces. Cigarettes were invented sometime during the 18th century, and only became well known in the English speaking world when British soldiers emulated the Ottoman Turks, who rolled their tobacco in newsprint, during the Crimean War.


    Cheap Discount Saint George cigarettes

    The Saint George cigarettes is cigarette brand of the well-known tobacco company Gallaher LTD. This is a tobacco company that is famous for its qualitative smoking brands of cigs that occupy the leading places in the cigarettes market. The cigarettes of this tobacco company is characterized by specific cigarettes taste and fine quality tobacco. The cigarettes brands are created and structured according to specific way of tobacco growing: the circumstances, ambiance and the atmosphere where it grows. Gallaher Tobacco Company used to add specific ingredients for it's cigarette brand in order to make each cigarette unique in it's taste and flavor. But the limit of the added products never turns the respected limit of the cigs composition. The ingredients are introduced in "Quantity Not Exceeded" limit. Saint George cigarettes are a distinctive representative of this Tobacco Company. It has a characteristic tobacco flavor of the tobacco of the highest quality. The Saint George can be felt from the first smoke inhalation of the Saint George cigarette. For this tobacco product the Gallaher Company reserves the tobacco of the best class. This makes the Saint George cigarettes distinctive from other cigarette brands that are sold on the tobacco markets. The name of this cigarette brand comes from the legendary Saint George, a soldier of the Roman Empire. According to the legend "Saint George and the dragon" he saved the humanity from death. Saint George is a legendary name that is well known in the religion of all the countries, as the cigarette brand that has this name. This was the reason why Gallaher called this brand with the name of Saint George. The packs of this cigarette brand also represent the regality of these cigarettes. There are glorious shield that symbolize the regality, and two swords that are crossed that is the sign of triumph. Together they are the representation of royalty that is the symbol of the exclusive qualitative product of the Saint George cigarettes.

    Saint George Cigarettes

    Saint George

    price per carton: $44.99

    Saint George (3 Cartons) (Eastern European)


    Saint George Lights

    price per carton: $44.99

    Saint George Lights (3 Cartons) (Eastern European)



    Saint George tobacco

    This brand is made under the authority of “Gallaher LTD” in many countries of Europe. Though it is presented quite recently this brand has conquered a lot of smokers with its affordable price and fine quality tobacco.

    The name for this brand descends from St. George - a roman soldier who was canonized for his noble deeds. Mostly St. George can bee seen on icons presented on a horse with the spear in his hand killing a dragon. The cult of St. George is widely spread all over the UK and this could be the main reason for giving such a name for this cigarette brand.

    If continuing St. George image can be seen in the center of each pack of this brand.

    Typical England shield with two red parallel crossed stripes on white background and two crossed swords are placed in the center of cigarette pack.

    As for the quality of these cigarettes its on high level as everything produced in England. Reach flavor and smooth taste provides real pleasure. Try this one and you will love this brand.

    This brand is available in the following variety: Saint George (Original) and Saint George Lights.


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