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  • Cigarettes History

    Cigarettes are tobacco products that are created by curing the tobacco, then cutting it into fine pieces. Cigarettes were invented sometime during the 18th century, and only became well known in the English speaking world when British soldiers emulated the Ottoman Turks, who rolled their tobacco in newsprint, during the Crimean War.


    Cheap Discount Zevs cigarettes

    Zevs tobacco is a recent cigarette brand in the cigarettes production industry. It's a cig fabricated by the Cigaronne Company. It's a tobacco producer from Armenia. Cigaronne Company offers an assortment of this cheap cigarettes with the tobacco of the genuine premium quality. Also, it's famous among the cigarettes smokers due to the tobacco representative of the slim cigarettes, as the Zevs cigarette is. This cigarette brand is famous in more of the Western European countries. Zevs cigarettes is a fine quality cigarettes that is sold in over the 35 countries. The Zevs cigarettes can be distinguished among other tobacco brands due to the deluxe design of packs of slender dimensions. This smoking tobacco cigarette is described by a fine cigarettes flavor and extraordinary quality tobacco taste. The excellence and the emotion that creates smoking the Zevs cigarettes are well preferred by the cigarettes smokers from the entire Europe and far from its boundary. Zevs cigarettes brand is recognized by the tobacco smokers as one of the most brilliant representative of slim-sized cigarette. Usually 'slims' belongs to the brand category of Lady Cigarettes. The Zevs cigarettes brand has thin cigarettes and produces a light tobacco taste and fine aroma. But, as it has the male name, Zevs can is esteemed by both types of smokers. So, if you will find the Zevs in you, you will belong to a special limited class of smokers, to the elite class, because Zevs cigarettes brand is produced from superlative quality tobacco. Thanks to that Zevs cigarette is produced in slim design. The experience of smoking this tobacco product is exceptional. It's a cigarettes that every smoker must try. The Zevs cigarette brand can be ordered in exclusiv.

    Zevs Cigarettes

    Zevs Slims

    price per carton: $11.29

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit


    Zevs Ultra Slims

    price per carton: $11.29

    minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit



    Zevs cigarettes made in Europe

    Nowadays, many online tobacco stores have appeared and sell European-made cigarettes to internet buyers. Zevs cigarette brand is well known in Eastern Europe, and are rarely sold to USA customers. But our online cigarette store breaks the bounds and opens especially for you the full-flavored Zevs cigarettes, made in Europe. Our online tobacco shop makes your purchase free of taxes, as we sell our products from the other country (as many local jurisdictions place high taxes on tobacco sales). Some online cigarette stores exist to sell tax-free cigarettes inside their own country as well.

    There are different types of Zevs cigarettes, such as: Zevs Ultra Slims cigarette, Zevs Slims cigarette; Try this pleasant-flavored cigarettes and fill free in your desires and wishes.


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